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Teaching and Training

I am a full professor in the Counseling Department of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and often use training videos created by other professionals. However, I am interested in creating my own conjoint/marital therapy training videos for my graduate students and LPC Associate supervisees (who are post-graduates accruing their hours for licensure).

If, by chance you cannot afford therapy under my usual fee structure, I might be able to see you and your partner for three sessions using Zoom without charge, if you are willing to allow me to video our work together. A signed consent agreement would stipulate the safeguards that we would use for the video creation, including omitting names on the Zoom screen and using indirect or backlit camera angles to hide your faces. Your voices would be the only identifying features.

The videos would only be used in my courses on Couples and Family Counseling for UTRGV, and in my supervision meetings with LPC Associates who have contracted with me to provide post-graduate supervision. Both audiences will sign standard confidentiality agreements protecting the privacy of all video participants.

If you are interested in this arrangement, I might be able offer you three sessions of counseling for free. Of course, I am limited in how many clients I can offer this to, so please express interest when you contact us.

Dr. Sparrow